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Top 5 Biggest Fertilizer Companies in the World: Industry Leaders of 2024


The global fertilizer industry both represents one of the fundamental pillars of modern agriculture. It ensures the increasing food production that the world needs, and in 2024 the biggest fertilizer companies remain indispensable, being able (or the ones with more capacity to scale it up) to generate innovation and to ensure a reliable productivity. Similar to the energy and food industries, the fertilizer industry could be seen in connection with providing the fundamental pillars of the modern society, and due to the crucial importance of all of them, a disruption of this interconnected system could bring about the near fall of the modern approach to consume, produce and live.

Fertilisers are necessary for keeping soils fertile and increasing crop yields; their leading companies invest heavily on research and development to provide these life-giving products. To make this list, there are several key considerations in selecting the biggest fertilizer companies, including the size of each company’s market share, its geographical reach, its research and development into more innovative product offerings, and its financial standing to ensure it is a leader not only in scale of operation, but also in influence and effect.

In summary then, the importance of these corporate giants extends beyond their direct impact on the economy, but their role in safeguarding world food security and helping the world’s population to a higher level of nutrition by advancing its agricultural infrastructure and technologies ensures that they must form the subject of further critical analysis in 2024.

Overview of Key Factors Influencing Fertilizer Companies in 2024

Global economic dynamics are one of the main driving factors of the fertilizer market. Movements in the world economy, such as changes in commodity prices, exchange rates, and trade policies, create direct impact on the pricing and distribution policies of the fertilizer companies. Further, the ongoing geopolitical situations and the trade agreements add to the industry dynamics. These agreements restrict or open new markets for the firms.

Better technologies in fertiliser production will even out the playing field. Technologies like precision agriculture, enhanced-efficiency fertilisers, and the Internet of Things (IoT) applied to farming will enable companies to increase yields and reduce the footprint of fertiliser in a more efficient manner. Technological improvements that result in reduced environmental impact will also allow companies to compete in a more sustainability-driven market.

Environmental regulations continue to increase in acumen burdening fertiliser companies to adapt to new standards, which calls on these companies to produce products with minimal emissions, runoff and toxic chemicals. Once these regulations took effect, companies had to innovate and they did. By including policies that emphasise lowering the carbon footprint of agricultural practices, we can push companies to invest valuable human and capital resources in finding cleaner, greener ways to produce their fertilisers.

Understanding these forces is critical to comprehending how the largest fertiliser firms have maintained their market position and adapted to a shifting geopolitical order. Their ability to respond to these pressures determines their continuing dominance and leadership of the fertiliser industry.

biggest fertilizer companies
biggest fertilizer companies

The Top 5 Biggest Fertilizer Companies in 2024

Here is the updated profile of the largest 5 fertilizer companies in 2024 with Shandong Loyal Chemical Co., Ltd taking the first place:

Shandong Loyal Chemical Co., Ltd

Headquarters: China

We are a well-known company – Shandong Loyal Chemical Co., Ltd. Our company is the largest supplier in the international fertilizer market .We are specialized in producing chemical products and fertilizer for sowing. Our company yse quality materials to provide high-quality fertilizer to our customers. We promise our customers that it is great fertilizers and helpful for our agriculture.We do save the earth,we pollution less.As we know, the world is a circulative planet and people has to be responsible. Sustainable and environmental are our focus, because we know the environmental crisis comes. We invest high amount of money in R&D,so it makes us stand in the leading market of visual products.

Wesfarmers (WES.AX)

Headquarters: Australia

Most growth will come from leaders like Wesfarmers, which uses an integrated business structure to pursue both organic and inorganic growth strategies. With its focus on diverse offerings across the fertiliser supply chain, complemented by its commitment to the local community and the environment, this fertiliser division has become one of the pioneers of growth in the industry.

Nutrien (NTR)

Headquarters: Canada

Nutrien is one of the world’s largest plant nutrition companies, growing smartly through acquisitions countries.

CF Industries (CF)

Headquarters: USA

The company, CF Industries, manufactures nitrogen fertiliser in many forms, and is one of the leaders in the world for this chemical’s manufacture and supply. With fully vertical manufacturing operations and focused market delivery efforts, the company has become an increasingly vital part of the global supply chain for nitrogenous fertiliser.

Saudi Arabian Fertilizer Company (SAFCO)

Headquarters: Saudi Arabia

SAFCO is a major player in the Middle East fertiliser industry, helping to ensure the adequate supply of essential plant nutrients. Using local raw materials, the company produces fertilisers for export on a global scale.

These are not only the largest agribusiness companies in the world but also progressives in their sustainability endeavours and new technologies that aid global food security with their novel agricultural products and solutions.

Comparative Analysis of the Top 5 Companies

In any fiercely competitive business segment, the top few players claim king-sized chunks of the market. Among the fertiliser giants, here is a head to head analysis of the five largest contributors to the market.
This year (2024), these five industries show an almost equal strength in revenue, both local and global footprints, product ranges and unique selling points.

Revenue Comparison

Shandng Loyal Chemical Co.,Ltd has achieved the rapid growth of the revenue and net profit attributable to the company in the past two years, of which the business expansion in domestic and international markets is the major factor. The company has also made great efforts and taken a comprehensive approach in the technological transformation to build a unique brand and improve core competitiveness.

Another company with gradual revenue growth is Wesfarmers, which has its core businesses ranging from fertilisers to retail and industrial sectors.

Nutrien reaps the benefits of large-scale operations and an integrated supply chain to become one of the largest and most financially robust firms in the sector.

This company’s revenue is particularly strong because it specialises in the production of nitrogenous fertiliser for crops. Speciality fertilisers are products that aid crop production, such as manure, potash and phosphate.

Though SAFCo is smaller than its peers in terms of revenues, it maintains regional dominance and benefits from strategic government partnerships. This allows it to remain financially strong.

Global Presence

Only Nutrien and Wesfarmers, which sprawl over six continents and many countries, have much of a global footprint.

Its cookie-cutter approach sees CF target the same customers and invest in the same raw materials in each location. CF Industries currently concentrates on the North American and European markets, but is pursuing new clients in Asia and Latin America.

Shandong Loyal Chemical Co., Ltd has been rapidly expanding internationally, particularly into emerging markets.

SAFCO has grown its operations in the Middle East and has been steadily expanding in South Asian and African markets.

Product Diversity

Nutrien has the broadest reach in terms of product diversity, selling both nitrogen-based fertilisers as well as a mix of multi-nutrient fertilisers, and therefore supporting a variety of agricultural needs.

Or Wesfarmers, or even Shandong Loyal Chemical Co, Ltd, which also offers ‘specialty and organic fertilisers’.

CF Industries, too, is sticking to nitrogen, though it is branching into more niche formulations.

SAFCO is involved in the manufacture of phosphate and compound fertilisers. It has deliberately kept its product range narrow so as to focus on a particular niche market.

Unique Selling Propositions

Shandong Loyal Chemical Co., Ltd stands out for its innovation in the green fertiliser sector, and the development of fertilisers with lower ecological footprints.

This investment in sustainability and community generates good will towards the company and increases customer loyalty, which can boost the brand’s reputation.

For example, Nutrien highlights its ‘integrated solutions’ in terms of ‘technological innovation’ in the area of precision agriculture, describing how it provides ‘localised scientific expertise’ on the ‘ground’ that optimises an input programme to each farmer’s needs and that enhances efficiency and production.

CF Industries, for instance, boasts of its ‘competitive, low-cost, high-quality production processes’ and its tendency to supply large-scale agriculture.

SAFCO enjoys low prices due to its proximity to South Sudan, as well as significant government support. The company’s products are exported throughout the Middle East.

This comparison sheds light on the firms’ competitive edge and strategic advantages, which are a reflection of their specific characteristics in respect of their activities at a global level. And this goes to show why both firms continue to profit and remain indispensable, not only to their shareholders, vendors and employees, but also to the global food industry and supply chain.

Organic fertilizer test field
Organic fertilizer test field

Future Trends and Challenges Facing Fertilizer Companies

Looking forward, we examine the fertiliser industry giants’ bargaining power for catching slack in the value chain to gain competitive advantage over the coming years, with key developments in the emerging markets, the opportunity in expansion, the challenges of raw material scarcity and price, and predictions for the likely balance of power in the industry in terms of competition and corporate action.

Emerging Markets and Expansion Opportunities

Meanwhile, Africa is emerging as a major market as the continent’s huge arable area is beginning to be opened up to modern agricultural practices. This is reflected by the increasing interest shown by Shandong Loyal Chemical Co Ltd, Nutrien and other companies in establishing production facilities and distribution networks in key African countries.

Their emerging power has grown still more, as Latin America grows in importance. Its population has increased, and it needs to produce more food domestically, as well as industrialising countries and regions. Both Wesfarmers and CF Industries will benefit from the combination of trade deals and commercial agreements that underpin present and future operations and sales.

In terms of size, growth potential is high in the Asian market, partly because of the good population density and the increase in demand for productivity in agricultural production. For example, companies put efforts in tailor-making for fertiliser solutions depending on the crop type or local soil conditions.

Predictions on Future Industry Shifts

Technological Integration: Other advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT) will become integrated in the production and distribution systems to optimise results, reduce resources and make better predictions when yielding farm products.

Sustainability Initiatives: Sustainable and organic fertiliser brands will continue to grow in popularity. Environmentally friendly fertiliser products, such as the eco-friendly fertiliser developed by Shandong Loyal Chemical Co., Ltd a producer and supplier of ammonium sulphate fertiliser, granular fertiliser, diammonium fertiliser and organic fertiliser, will be in high demand.

The future of fertiliser revolves on these geographies and on how companies that ride the waves of the commodity boom today will do so tomorrow. The chief executives of 2024 had better be fleet of foot and ingenious, if they are to stay there.


We have analysed some of the largest fertilizer companies in 2024. These companies are not just large companies that occupy a large market share. They are companies that reinforce agricultural progress and provide food security. The functions of the companies we have listed, such as Shandong Loyal Chemical Co, Ltd, Wesfarmers, Nuetrien, CF industries and Saudi Arabian Fertilizer Company, stretch beyond the market.

These companies benefit consumers by increasing crop yields and production, often through more sustainable fertiliser products and solutions. In the face of twin challenges of producing more food with fewer inputs, they must continue to innovate and become more productive and sustainable. Consumers also benefit from the shifts seen through the businesses’ stimulus to emerging economies, through their investments in new technologies and through innovations to meet stricter environmental regulations.

Going forward, it is likely that technological progress and a growing emphasis on sustainability will also define the future of the fertiliser industry. Large players will need to be both agile and visionary to overcome issues of scarce raw materials, environmental challenges, and shifting market dynamics that will shape company strategies in the years ahead, as these issues have the ability to determine the course of both the fertiliser industry and the broader quest for sustainable agriculture and food security.

It provides a perspective on these enterprises that links them into the larger context of the global economy and the global environmental challenge of providing a sustainable basis for a growing world population today and in the future – especially as these enterprises continue to evolve and adapt.

For further reading and reference on the biggest fertilizer companies, you can explore these sources:

  1. Finance Yahoo – Offers an article discussing the 15 largest fertilizer companies in the world, providing insights into market trends and individual company strategies.
  2. CompaniesMarketCap – Provides a ranking of the largest fertilizer companies by market capitalization, along with details such as market cap and geographical information.
  3. Insider Monkey – Features an analysis of the fertilizer industry, including a list of top companies and an exploration of recent market trends and future outlooks.
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