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Enhance Plant Growth with Premium Urea Fertilizer

Discover the advantages of urea fertilizer, an essential nitrogen source that increases plant growth and crop production. It dissolves fast, making it efficient in supplying nutrients to plants. This makes it ideal for sustainable high-yielding farming.
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    Key Advantages of Urea Fertilizer: Enhancing Agricultural Productivity

Rich in a highly concentrated form of nitrogen – an element vital to the formation of plants’ protein content, as well as many other vital structures – urea encourages abundant leaf growth, making vegetables greener and much larger.

  • Cost-Effective: Because of its high nutrient density, it is perhaps the most cost-effective fertilizer per unit of nutrients.
  • Versatility: applies to many crops and to a range of natural conditions, urea is applied to the soil or combined with irrigation systems This product has been synthetically manufactured, which has allowed it to spread everywhere.
  • Ease of handling: Urea comes in prilled form, which is not only easy to handle, but easy to apply Spreadability: Urea dissolves quickly in the soil, thereby making the N readily available for plant root uptake.
  • Controlled Release Options: Novel formulations such as polymer-coated urea deliver nitrogen in a controlled manner, requiring less frequent applications and making the use of mineral fertilizers highly efficient.

Matching the release of nutrients to the patterns of nutrient uptake by crops effectively minimises losses and delivers the nutrients to exactly when crops need them. In addition to these practices, waste streams could also be exploited as raw materials.

urea fertilizer
urea fertilizer
What is Urea Fertilizer
What is Urea Fertilizer
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    What is Urea Fertilizer?

Synthetic, organic urea fertilizer provides a concentrated dose of nitrogen (quality measure number one for plant growth). Made up of 46 per cent nitrogen, urea is the most widely used nitrogen fertilizer globally due to its high nutrient content and comparatively affordable price. Additionally, it is highly water-soluble, which makes it easy to apply as a liquid through drip or sprinkler systems, or simply incorporated into the soil.

Applied to the soil, urea is transformed via hydrolysis into ammonium and then nitrate, which forms readily taken up by plant roots. The soil contains a naturally occurring enzyme, urease, that promotes hydrolysis. Urea is effective in creating some of the world’s bountiful fields as well as garden plots, fertilizing plants and boosting production of fruits and vegetables dramatically.

Its usefulness, however, is highly dependent on effective management to reduce volatilization losses (where nitrogen escapes as a gas) – particularly in alkali or wet soils that commonly reduce urea bioavailability. As a result, urea is routinely treated with urease inhibitors or in alternative forms that reduce its volatility so that more nitrogen ends up in plants and is used for more productive crop production.

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    Understanding the Formula of Urea Fertilizer: Precision for Peak Performance

This excellent chemical formula, CO(NH2)2, in and of itself is simple, powerful, with a robust nitrogen content of around 46 per cent, providing one of the most effective nitrogen fertilizers in the world. Our urea products maintain a superior quality of urea. Due to strict and scientific control and tests, our products are always reliable.

  • Nitrogen Content: Our urea fertilizers constantly exceed the industry standards for nitrogen content, supplying at least 46.4 percent of nitrogen which becomes readily usable by the plant.
  • Purity and Performance: The low biuret (a measure of protein) content – below 1 percent – helps to reduce the chance of crop injury and the protection of downwind crops ie, safe for use when applied over them.
  • Dry Product: By maintaining a moisture content of less than 0.5 percent, our urea products not only keep their fine fused granular integrity but are less prone to caking thus easier to handle and apply.
  • Granular Consistency Our urea products are prilled and/or coated, which provides a very high granularity percentage. The granular consistency of the coated urea makes it even and feel like sand which allows for a uniform application to the soil with even nutrient distribution.

If you select our urea nitrogen fertilizer; you have opted for consistent, controlled and economical results across the board. It can be applied through a spreader on bare soil or as a part of a blended fertilizer program. Our fertilizers give a high yield by increasing your crop quality.

Urea Fertilizer Formula
Urea Fertilizer Formula

Why Choose Our Urea Fertilizer?

Working in the agricultural industry for years, engaging in regular research and development of fertilizers, I can confidently identify a number of reasons that make our urea fertilizer the best option:

  • Superior Nitrogen Content: Rich Urea with at least 46.4% Nitrogen Content is available. This fertilizer needs to support vigorous plant growth.
  • Low Biuret Content: To make it easy for the plants, we keep our biuret content below 1.0% in our fertilizer. If the plants see more than this, it can be harmful. Because of our low biuret content figure, our product complements a vast range of crops – keeping our customers free from worrying about differing plant sensitivities.
  • Optimized Moisture: Our fertilizers maintain moisture levels of less than 0.5% and are non-caking in nature. This unique property makes these granules easy to store and easy to use with minimum wastage.
  • Consistent Uniformity: More than 90 percent of our product is within the 0.8-2.8mm range. That’s the consistency you need to get consistent growth and protein in your entire field.
  • Innovative Coated Options: Controlled-release technology comes in the form of polymer-coated urea products for those looking for controlled-release options. Nitrogen from these products is released slowly, keeping in line with the crop’s continual need for uptake and reducing the requirement for repeated reapplications.

When you select our urea fertilizer, you are choosing a product that not only works but delivers a winning response to the challenges of modern crop production. By relying on formulations that are state-of-the-art, you are nurturing your crops from the ground up – and notching up maximum crop yield along the way.

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How to Apply Urea Fertilizer?

Timing: Apply urea during early morning or late evening to minimize nitrogen loss.


  • Broadcasting: Spread evenly over the soil and lightly water or till to incorporate the fertilizer.
  • Side Dressing: Place urea near the plant roots for targeted nourishment.
  • Foliar Application: Dissolve urea in water and spray directly on plant leaves for quick absorption.

Application Rate: Follow the recommended rates based on soil tests and crop needs to avoid over-application.

Watering: Irrigate lightly after application to help urea penetrate the soil and reduce volatilization.

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FAQ: Urea Fertilizer Insights

These FAQs are designed to help you understand more about urea fertilizer, ensuring you can make informed decisions regarding its purchase and use for your agricultural needs.Want to know more about urea fertilizer, get onboard.

What is urea fertilizer?

Urea fertilizer is a synthetic compound that provides a high concentration of nitrogen to plants, essential for their growth and development. Its chemical formula is CO(NH2)2, making it one of the most concentrated nitrogenous fertilizers available.

How is urea fertilizer priced?

Urea fertilizer pricing can vary based on factors such as market demand, production costs, and regional availability. Prices may fluctuate with changes in agricultural trends, input costs for manufacturing, and international trade policies.

How to apply urea fertilizer?

To maximize the effectiveness of urea fertilizer, it should be applied either early in the morning or late in the evening to minimize nitrogen loss. Methods include broadcasting over the soil, side dressing along plant rows, and foliar application by dissolving urea in water and spraying directly on plant leaves.

What affects urea fertilizer price?

The price of urea fertilizer is influenced by several factors including global nitrogen demand, natural gas prices (a key input in urea production), and agricultural policy changes. Market dynamics such as supply disruptions or increased farming activity can also impact prices significantly.

What is the urea fertilizer formula?

The chemical formula for urea fertilizer is CO(NH2)2. This simple compound is highly effective at delivering nitrogen to plants, promoting rapid growth and lush vegetation.

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