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SHANDONG LOYAL CHEMICAL CO.,LTD. is a leading manufacturer and supplier of high-quality fertilizers in agricultural innovation. It specializes organic fertilizer ( Amino acid , Humic Acid , Seaweed Fertilizer , Chicken manure, Soil conditioner ) and Chemical fertilizer ( Coated Urea , Potassium Nitrate , Calcium ammonium nitrate, Magnesium sulfate, ammonium sulfate and so on ) ; Slow-release custom mixed NPK suitable for specific soil conditions and various forms of agricultural use. In addition, we not only produce, but also have an extensive supply chain that helps us distribute our products more quickly around the world in Europe, North America, Southeast Asia, East Asia, Africa, the Middle East and more. For sustainable agriculture that benefits the health of the planet while providing higher crop yields.

Fertilizers with high purity

Our high-quality fertilizers can meet REACH, SGS, BV, and Organic certification standard, hence a guaranteed effective and reliable way of delivering nutrients to plants.

Different range of products

Our wide range of products includes organic fertilizers, nitrogen, phosphorus, potash, water-soluble fertilizers, liquid fertilizers, controlled release fertilizers, etc., to meet various agricultural.

Bespoke Fertilizer Solutions

We are specialized in developing customized blends of fertilizers tailored around specific soil characteristics and client specifications that provide targeted nutrition for better crop yields and quality.

Organic and eco-friendly

n line with the company’s commitment to sustainability, our products include organic and humic acid-based fertilizers which promote environmentally friendly farming systems.

Global presence

The company markets its products in Europe North America South America Africa Southeast Asia etc., therefore demonstrating broad customer acceptance the world over.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you want to know more about agriculture fertilizer, please contact us

What Does Organic Fertilizer Mean?

Organic fertilizers are made from natural sources such as plant and animal. These impart nutrients to the soil, improve its structure, and promote microbial activity making them the bedrock of sustainable agriculture.

How do we transport your purchased fertilizer?

We transport to all continents by professional and stable transportation modes, including sea, rail, air, etc. The main markets are Europe, South America, Africa, East Asia, Middle East and Southeast Asia; So no matter where you are, we can transport to. In order to achieve this goal, we deliberately selected many large shipping companies, railway companies as our strategic partners, thus improving logistics efficiency.

Why Must Sustainable Agriculture Rely On Organic Fertilizers?

The use of organic fertilizer is vital in sustaining farming because it provide plants with essential nutrients derived naturally and enhances the soil’s organic matter content. They contribute towards ecological balance maintenance while at the same time reducing overreliance on chemical inputs needed for crop production.

How Can I Buy Products Made By Shandong Loyal Chemical?

You can contact us directly on the website, once we receive your requirements information, we will arrange professional personnel to serve you, to answer any questions and requirements you have.

How Does Shandong Loyal Chemical Facilitate Organic Farming?

For us, it is about producing eco-friendly fertilizer inputs that meet the standards set for use under organic systems so that farmers can build healthy soils without synthetic chemicals.

Do Shandong Loyal Chemical’s Fertilizers Harm The Environment?

No, they do not. On the contrary, some components used in them contribute towards ecological health by promoting growth while conserving native flora and fauna communities within soil habitats thus enhancing sustainability even further!

How Does Shandong Loyal Chemical Ensure That Its Fertilizers Are Of High Quality?

Through the implementation of strict control measures at each stage of production, sampling inspection will be carried out at each stage of production, and the annual cooperation with SGS,BV for production and product quality certification testing, and in the export of goods to accept customers in accordance with the third party inspection, will also provide real pictures and quality assurance instructions before the fertilizer factory

Why Should I Choose Shandong Loyal Chemical Co., Ltd. For Agricultural Fertilizers?

We provide a wide range of fertilizers for different agricultural needs around the world; It’s all organic and environmentally friendly. Lower and reasonable prices to ensure that the cost of fertilizer for agricultural producers around the world is not too high, through our high-quality supply, to ensure the sustainable development of agriculture in various countries, to help them provide agricultural production and quality.

Our products cover all types, including organic fertilizers (amino acids, humic acid fertilizers, seaweed fertilizers, etc.), fertilizers (coated urea, magnesium sulfate, potassium nitrate, calcium nitrate, DAP,MKP,MAP, etc.), suitable for conventional and organic farming methods.

Is It Possible For Shandong Loyal Chemical To Prepare Customized Fertilizer Formulations?

Yes, of course! We have the ability to customize the fertilizer formulations required by our customers, taking into account the special properties of the soil in different regions; This is done in order to get the best results under the given conditions, thus saving time and resources used during the application process, thus making them efficient.

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