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Loyal Extend Release Polymer-coated Urea fertilizer 40days/60days/90days/120days

Loyal Extend Release Polymer-coated Urea Fertilizer is an advanced agricultural product designed to provide sustained nutrient release, enhancing crop yield and efficiency. Available in various formulations, this fertilizer can release nutrients over 40, 60, 90, or 120 days, adapting to different crop cycles and soil conditions. The polymer coating technology minimizes nutrient leaching, ensuring that plants receive a steady supply of nitrogen essential for growth. Ideal for use in diverse agricultural settings, Loyal Extend Release Fertilizer promotes healthier plants and maximizes productivity by aligning nutrient availability with the plants’ growth demands.

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    Loyal SmartRelease Polymer-Coated Urea

  • Extended Nitrogen Release: This product features a controlled release technology that extends the availability of nitrogen over a 40days/60days/90days/120days period, ensuring a steady and sustained nutrient supply to crops.
  • High Nitrogen Content: Boasts a minimum nitrogen content of 45%, which is essential for robust plant growth and increased agricultural yield.
  • Low Initial Release Rate: The initial nitrogen release rate is kept under 8.5%, which helps in reducing nutrient loss due to leaching and volatilization shortly after application.
  • Cumulative Release Efficiency: In the later stages of use, up to 60% of the nitrogen is released, with a total of over 80% nitrogen released during the effective period, promoting consistent crop feeding without the peaks and troughs of uncoated urea.
Polymer Coated Urea
Polymer Coated Urea
Polymer Coated Urea Fertilizer
Polymer Coated Urea Fertilizer
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    Polymer-Coated Urea (40days/60days/90days/120days Release)

  • Moisture Control: Moisture content is maintained below 0.5%, which aids in preserving the integrity of the coating and ensuring the effectiveness of the release mechanism.
  • Biuret Content: Contains less than 1.0% biuret, minimizing the risk of toxicity to plants, which is particularly important for sensitive crops.
  • Particle Size: Uniformly sized granules (2-5 mm) ensure even distribution and application, enhancing the usability and effectiveness of the product.
  • Anti-Floating Properties: The product passes the anti-floating test, which means it integrates well into the soil without floating away with water, ensuring that nutrients are delivered where needed.

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    Expert Application Guide for Loyal ExtendedFeed Polymer-Coated Urea (40days/60days/90days/120days Formula)

  • Optimal Timing: Apply the fertilizer at the beginning of the growing season to synchronize nutrient release with the plant’s nitrogen demand. This ensures that the plants receive nutrients when they are most needed for growth.
  • Soil Integration: To maximize the effectiveness of the polymer-coated urea, incorporate it into the soil at a depth that matches the root zone of the crops. This enhances nutrient uptake and reduces losses due to volatilization.
  • Water Management: After applying the urea, ensure adequate irrigation to activate the coating’s slow-release mechanism. However, avoid overwatering as it could hasten nutrient release and potentially lead to leaching.
  • Application Rate: Adhere to recommended application rates based on crop type and soil testing results. Over-application can lead to excessive nitrogen in the soil, potentially harming the environment and wasting resources.
Polymer Coated urea 40days60days90days120days
Polymer Coated urea 40days60days90days120days

Why choose our urea products?

Our urea products are manufactured from high-quality raw materials and under strict production processes, ensuring the purity and consistency of each batch meet the highest industry standards.  Having a stable and reliable supply chain ensures that urea products can be supplied in time when you need them, avoiding supply problems that affect your business operations.

Urea Fertilizer: Composition and Formula Analysis

Urea fertilizer can be found in various forms, such as prills or granules, which are suitable for different agricultural needs. It is preferred for its ease of handling, cost-effectiveness, and its relatively low risk of burning plants compared to other nitrogenous fertilizers. Moreover, urea does not contain any harmful chlorides, which makes it safer for various crops and soil types. However, it should be carefully managed to avoid volatilization and leaching of nitrogen, which can be mitigated by proper application techniques and timing.

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FAQ: Urea Insights

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What is polymer-coated urea and how does it work?

Polymer-coated urea is a type of controlled-release fertilizer that is coated with a polymer material to slow down the release of nitrogen into the soil. This coating allows for a gradual release of nutrients, which aligns with the nutrient uptake cycle of plants, improving efficiency and reducing nutrient loss.

When is the best time to apply polymer-coated urea?

The best time to apply polymer-coated urea is at the start of the growing season or before periods of rapid plant growth. Timing the application to match the nutrient demands of your crops will maximize the benefits of the slow-release formula.

Can polymer-coated urea be used for all types of plants?

Yes, polymer-coated urea is versatile and beneficial for a wide range of crops, including grains, vegetables, and ornamental plants. It is particularly useful for plants that require a consistent and prolonged supply of nitrogen.

How should polymer-coated urea be stored?

Store polymer-coated urea in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. The polymer coating can degrade if exposed to extreme conditions, so it is important to keep the bags sealed and protected from moisture.

What are the environmental benefits of using polymer-coated urea?

By controlling the release of nitrogen, polymer-coated urea reduces the risk of nutrient runoff and volatilization. This not only helps in conserving nitrogen but also minimizes the impact on nearby water bodies and contributes to overall environmental sustainability.

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