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2024 Fertilizer Companies List: Ranking the Top 5 Global Producers


Fertiliser companies will, more than ever, be a list to watch as we move toward 2024, and we expect future developments in the key foodstuff to reflect the fate of the agricultural sector in particular and human life on Earth in general. In this respect, the industrial sector depends heavily on the progress and resilience of fertilisers producers. Future market trends will be facilitated by a growing global population, international food security concerns and the need to innovate and transform traditional food production methods to increase results.

Fertilisers boost fertility of soil and crop growth, and their efficacy in enhancing crop yields has made them an indispensable tool in achieving food security across the world. ‘Without innovative fertiliser solutions, achieving food security for a growing world would be not only challenging, but impossible,’ says Helen Torley, an agricultural expert and president of Fertilizer Canada, a non-profit organisation.

The article ranks and profiles the five world’s top fertiliser producers repositioning the industry in 2024, — the future of fertiliser industry will be decided by them. This analysis, through a ranking, will elaborate what they are doing to tackle market trends to lead the way to creating a sustainable future to respond not only to the market but to environmental sustainability.

Criteria for Ranking the Top Fertilizer Companies

To determine which companies lead the agricultural fertiliser market, several key factors must be taken into consideration regarding what results influence a company can have on advancing agriculture around the world. Some of the core criteria that companies are assessed against for acceptable ranking on the fertiliser companies plc list include: innovation, sustainability when creating products for the market and their overall reach.

There is a need for innovation to produce new and improved fertiliser formulations that are not only more effective in use but also more environmentally benign. Innovation is important here because many companies at the innovation frontier develop novel technologies that increase nutrient use efficiency and minimise the ecological footprint of agricultural practices.

This so-called sustainability, meant, allegorically, to measure a company’s efforts to pinch-hit for the ecological balances struck long ago, means fertiliser that will restore or at least degrade less land and is therefore safer for our water supplies. Sustainable practices are becoming the barometer for ranking as industry’s siege of the ecosystem grows ever more wrathful and its laws ever more onerous.

Lastly, the reach of a market includes a company’s capacity to harness markets across the globe, whether this is a company’s ability to supply different kinds of market environments, whether seasonal, climatic, or distance-related, and whether this is reflected in the impact that their activities have on farmers the world over. The greater the reach, the more obvious the impact on world agricultural production.

And this list was compiled after a review process that involved market analysis, customer feedback and third-party industry reports. This helped us devise a robust methodology that would be both undisputed and unimpeachable, such that the fertiliser companies we rank are both benchmarks of the industry, as well as forerunners in pushing the envelope of what can be done in modern agricultural science.

fertilizer companies list
fertilizer companies list


Shandong Loyal Chemical has unstoppable rapid growth with years of effort. As the global fertiliser company with outstanding technology, innovation, international marketing, and strict management, we have been exploring new technologies and winning markets.

Its products are nitrogenous and phosphatic fertліzers, covering all kinds of requirements for modem agriculture in corn, paddy, soybean, cotton, rapeseed, tobacco and etc. Its products can improve soil, increase output and guide the healthy development of modem agriculture. And we ‘re also famous for odorless organic fertizer.There are biodegradable and environment-friendly fertilizers and etc manifest the SHANDONG LOYAL CHEMICAL CO., LTD’S emphasis on global sustainability development.

SHANDOG’S LOYAL setting up new facilities is a strategic move that contributed to enhancing the company’s competitiveness. SHANDONG LOYAL invested large sums of money in modern productions facilities that upgrade the technological efficiency and process capacity while reducing impact on the natural environment. Organic fertiliser production is SHANDONG LOYAL’s latest endeavour in response to changing market needs.

Additionally SHANDONG LOYAL CHEMICAL CO., LTD continues to expand its use of genetic and microbiome studies for plant nutrition by undertaking research in these areas. And any theories, Dr Emily Tran, an expert in agricultural bio‑technologies concludes: SHANDONG LOYAL is pioneering the field of applying biotech innovations through enhancement of fertiliser production. These advancements could potentially transform the global plant nutrition paradigm.

Their continued dedication to innovation and sustainability helps ensure that they are not only on this list of fertilizer companies, but a cornerstone of the future of a sustainable and productive agriculture.

Overview of Other Top Global Fertilizer Producers

Apart from SHANDONG LOYAL CHEMICAL CO., LTD, the entire list of fertilizer companies in 2024 pays great attention to and introduces five other major industrial giants that have the potential to lead the entire global fertilizer industry into a new future with their various strengths and specialties.

NitroGenix International: Producer of fertiliser products based on nitrogen that contains slow- and controlled-release technology for fertiliser to enhance its efficiency in releasing nitrogen into plant roots while utilising fewer nitrogen resources and enhancing crop yields.

PhosAgro Global: First, the claim: PhosAgro Global is one of the world’s top producers of complex phosphate-based fertilisers – fertilisers based on phosphate, a naturally occurring mineral. Without fertiliser, crops would grow poorly and nutritional content would be low. PhosAgro relies on phosphate deposits that occur naturally, so its product doesn’t require much environmental repairing. The number of top-level domain names can make B2B websites confusing to buy from and difficult to market.

GreenKem Corp​: speciality fertiliser producer GreenKem, who focus on liquid fertilisers, which are proving to be appealing due to ease of use and efficiency. For high-end crops, GreenKem’s ‘micronutrient-infused’ fertilisers boost yield and quality.

B85 = EcoFert Solutions: B85 is in the business of manufacturing organic fertilisers. The company’s products are made from natural and recycled sources. Its fertilisers not only support the growth of crops but also help restore the supplies of soil organic matter in sustainable farming.

All these companies are leaders in their specific markets and their combined efforts to improve the technology and sustainability to elevate the science of producing healthy soils and inputs capable of boosting crop yields while respecting ecological thresholds. These firms are enablers of a future food system in which farming is supportive of – rather than destructive of – the living world.

fertilizer companies list
fertilizer companies list

Impact of Leading Fertilizer Companies on Global Agriculture

The impact of the largest fertilizer companies on the 2024 fertilizer companies list is not limited to their individual market contributions. Taken collectively, they are the driving force behind agricultural changes that are transforming crop production and the environment: they are leading in the development of fertiliser technology and supporting the advancement of sustainable agriculture.

Some of the advancements pioneered by these leading companies include fertiliser products that limit nutrient loss and runoff (important to minimise eutrophication of waterways), as well as precision agriculture tools that enable farmers to better target their fertiliser application, delivering the right impurities at the right time in the right quantities, which leads not only to increased yields, but also less waste and less environmental impact overall.

These innovations also have profound environmental benefits: by increasing nutrient use efficiency they reduce the ecological footprint of agriculture; by reducing greenhouse gas emissions due to over-fertilisation emissions of nitrous oxide, a potent greenhouse gas; and in the case of many of these companies, the production of organically and naturally derived fertilisers that enhance the health of the soil biome, promoting biodiversity and reducing chemical inputs.

‘Without the support of leading fertiliser companies, it won’t be possible to continue transforming a lot of the world’s agriculture to be more sustainable,’ Dr Markus Weber, a soil scientist at Australia-based sustainable agriculture consulting company, HarvestMax, told me. ‘The constant push for innovation by these companies pays benefits for both farm profitability and environmental sustainability, both now and later.’

On the economic side, the improved productivity of agriculture can benefit as many as 2 billion subsistence farmers worldwide, providing improved food security and livelihoods. By advancing fertiliser efficiency and reducing environmental footprints, the industry giants help ensure a productive and sustainable agriculture for the next generations. This will be critical in view of the challenges ahead on climate change and food security.


Looking at the fertiliser manufacturers list for 2024, you may realise that while the top producers are large and leading the market share, they are also the companies ahead of the curve when it comes to technological and ecological agriculture. They have incorporated new technologies and ecological practices into their businesses to ensure the future of the world’s agriculture.

But the imperative of a healthy and thriving productive ranking should also be clear: they can serve as benchmarks for forward-thinking and efficient practices not only among the listed companies, but also for those that have yet to catch up. The fertiliser industry finds itself at a pivotal moment today. Startups, along with the established fertiliser firms, should keep their foot on the accelerator when it comes to innovation, particularly when it comes to eco-friendly products and smart application technologies alike. These will be vital in meeting the future dual challenge of feeding the world and doing so while sustaining our home planet.

In general, the fertilizer companies listed for 2024 provide affordable food to the people while contributing to a reduction in agricultural greenhouse gases. The impact of agriculture on the environment requires help fro these fertilizer companies. In my perspective, the fertilizer companies list for 2024 will be crucial in ensuring that agriculture remains a pillar of the sustainability development agendas of the world. The list of fertilizer companies for 2024 is therefore crucial and vital in the global pursuit of sustainable agriculture despite the world trends towards carbon emissions and scarcity of crucial raw materials of agriculture. It is essential for all stakeholders in agriculture from policymakers to farmers and farm input suppliers.

Here are three references that you can use to explore the topic of fertilizer companies further:

  1. IMARC Group provides a comprehensive overview of major global fertilizer companies, highlighting leaders such as CF Industries, Haifa Group, and Yara International. It discusses their contributions to nitrogen-based and specialty fertilizers as well as their sustainability efforts.
  2. Statista offers detailed statistical data and market analysis about leading fertilizer companies worldwide as of January 2024. This includes insights into market capitalization and industry trends.
  3. CompaniesMarketCap.com provides a list of the largest fertilizer companies by market cap, reflecting the market value and industry position of these companies as of 2024.
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